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Hog Roasts Done Properly

Let us create the magnificent centerpiece of your buffet with an expertly produced spit hog roast.

We have selected only the best locally sourced free-range hogs prepared to provide succulent meat for any occasion. Hog roasts not only provide a memorable experience but are an affordable alternative to a traditional barbeque. The delicious pork, fantastic crackling is complemented with a selection of salads and side dishes.

A hog roast is often the talking point of an event; the smells that fill the air are sumptuously gratifying. On the day of your event, we will arrive well before the serving time and all your food will be prepared fresh on site.  It really adds to the event that when your guests arrive they can see the spit-roasted meat turning and slowly roasting away.

So all that’s left to do is too give us a call or send us an email with your requirements.

  • gourlay.co hogroast
  • gourlay.co hogroast
  • gourlay.co hogroast
  • gourlay.co hogroast
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